Monday, October 13, 2008

Card Making

I have decided I want to start making cards. Now, I haven't decided how I want to go about this. A friend's birthday is coming up and I'd love to make her a card. Plus, I'm broke and it would be cheaper for me to make her one than to buy one. More heart-felt too if I might add. I'm not too crafty on the card scene but I suppose it's similar to scrapbooking. I'm sure anything I make for her she'll love. It's just pleasing myself that's the problem. I'm very picky and sometimes somewhat of a perfectionist. Who knows, I may give in and buy her a card. At this point, I really have no idea. I'm just throwing the thought out there. Maybe I'll be posting my card here soon for you to see, maybe not. I'm definately going to try but sometimes, I don't always follow through with my ideas. Sad, but true.

Have a scrappy day!

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