Sunday, March 28, 2010

NC + BFF + New Nephew = Fun!

I'm heading out to North Carolina next month to visit my best friend, Tonya and my new nephew, Nicholas. I haven't been out there in a couple of years and the last trip wasn't a good one as I spent it in the hospital with her while she had surgery on her eye. She's got a new baby named Nicholas. He's such a cutie. I can't wait to meet him for the first time.
I'm looking forward to this trip. Then, hopefully I'll be able to start planning mine and Chad's vacation for August. Lots to do, lots to do!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So much for my plans

So much for catching up on some bills in March. With the way my hours are staying at a steady 25, I won't be catching up. I'll be staying in the same place. Great.

As for my workout routine, it's coming along. Slowly. I have been trying to work in some exercises here and there. Mainly at night when I have nothing else going on. I need to get back into using my DVD a little more. Will work on that.

I'm currently trying to figure out where to go on vacation (if I get to go anywhere at all) this year. Money is tight so somewhere not so expensive would be nice. Suggestions?

Monday, March 1, 2010


My plans for March:

get caught up on some bills
try to start a workout routine

Yeah right. That's easier said than done, I know. It's a nice thought though.

Honestly, I don't have any specific plans for March.