Monday, May 31, 2010

School starts tomorrow

It's 11:58PM, it's almost technically "tomorrow" right? School starts tomorrow, June 1st. Yay! I'm not exactly looking forward to jumping back into my classes given the fact that they are geography and biology. Those are not two of my best subjects but, I am going to try my best. My sister-in-law, Donna, just recently graduated from nursing school so I'm sure I can get her to help me with the biology but I'm not sure about the geography. Oh well, I can handle it, I'm sure. I'm not sure what else I can say about my classes right now. We'll see how they go once I get in there and get started.

School starts again soon...

So, June 1st, I will be back to the daily grind of my continuous college courses this summer. I graduated May 6th with a degree in office administration but, it has always been my dream, ever since I was a little kid, to be an English teacher. Therefore, I have returned to school to finish what few classes I have left at my 2-year college in order to transfer on to my 4-year college. My goal is to transfer to JSU in Jacksonville, AL. I plan on teaching middle/high school English education. High school kids may be more difficult to deal with for some but for me, I don't think it will be too difficult. Younger age groups just simply frustrate me. Don't get me wrong, I love kids for the most part but I know deep down that teaching them just isn't for me. So, I will keep you updated as my journey continues. I would say don't fret if I don't update every single day. I will be busy but, I honestly don't believe anyone reads my blog so I won't say that.

'Til next time...

<3 - PRiLA

Sunday, May 30, 2010

No job = No money

So, I lost my job Friday. Fun. Over a bogus reason, I'll tell ya. Apparently, our new manager, who has only been there a few weeks mind you, says I'm disrespectful to my coworkers. Ha! I laugh at that. It all boils down to my word against another you-know-what girl at work. Yes, I'm smack talking this person. She deserves more than smack talk and, Karma is a bitch so her day is coming. So now, I am unemployed. I'm awaiting my state unemployment compensation approval and hopefully, I will get enough unemployment to pay my bills so I don't have to rely on my parents. That really sucks. I'm a very independent person when I can be. Most people would say, "If you are so independent, then why do you still live with your parents?" Well, to that I answer, "I still live with my parents a) because the cost of living has went up so much in the last few years, that I can't afford to pay rent and utilities on my own. and, b) my parents don't mind me living with them.

So, in short, I'm out of work, I'm broke and now I shall start my job hunt. I have my degree in office administration so I shall start looking in that field but I will accept the first decent job that comes available.

I will update on my job hunt as I can.

<3 - PRiLA

Word of the day

kar·ma   /ˈkɑrmə/ [kahr-muh]

1. Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.
2. Theosophy. the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.
3. fate; destiny.
4. the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Word of the day... Disrespect

dis·re·spect  /ˌdɪsrɪˈspɛkt/ [dis-ri-spekt]

1. lack of respect; discourtesy; rudeness.

–verb (used with object)
2. to regard or treat without respect; regard or treat with contempt or rudeness.

I chose this word because today, I was told that I was disrespectful. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not disrespectful by any means unless you disrespect me first. It just kind of ticked me off when I was told this so I decided to use this as my word of the day.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Word of the day... FINAGLE

So I get bored...
I've decided to start a Word of the Day thing. It will be included in any daily blog. So, since I really don't have anything to write about that I find interesting, I am going to put the information on my word of the day.

finagle verb
Pronunciation: \fə-ˈnā-gəl\
transitive verb
1 : to obtain by indirect or involved means [finagle a ride home]
2 : to obtain by trickery [finagled his way into the concert]

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I absolutely love watching the show Hoarders on A&E tv. I've watched several different episodes with people who have entirely different stories. It really disturbed me to watch a couple of the stories. One episode that touched me the most was of a gentleman in Mobile, Alabama. Long story short, he gathered things, old lawnmowers, scrap metal... etc., like most southern people do, in order to repair and resale them. Neighbors in his community decided that his "junk" was an a distraction or an eyesore per se. In other words, they were more worried about what people would think about their community than they were this gentleman. They complained to the county and the county gave him an ultimatum, clean up or go to jail. So, the people from A&E and their specialists decided to come in and help him clean up his yard to prevent him from going to jail.

And of course, like southern people, we have an attachment to our things that we could fix, use and/or make money off. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not stereotyping ALL southern folks. I am a southern girl and proud of it. However, whether we like it or not, southern folks do have a tendency to gather, collect, hoard... whatever you want to call it.

While I don't agree with this man keeping ALL of this stuff, I don't think it was right that his neighbors complain enough to the county that those measures had to be taken. If they wanted it removed so bad, why not be neighborly and get out there and work with him to remove what was actual junk and let the man keep what he could indeed repair and sell. Especially with the way our economy is today.

Let me end this by saying that I don't think hoarding is good. I know it is a disease and I know there are different levels of hoarding. I'm not by any means condoning this man or any other hoarder's actions. I just think there are better ways of combating a situation such as this rather than getting the government involved.

<3 - PRiLA

Champagne wishes... caviar dreams...

And, I have no idea what the title has to do with the post I'm about to make.

It's 3:24AM and I'm sitting here writing for no apparent reason other than I need an outlet and alas! my beloved, handy-dandy blog is always a good listener. Kinda like the handy-dandy notebook on Blues Clues. (Oh to be young again!)

Anyways... back to business...

I deeply, whole-heartedly, with all my being, dislike how easily people think they can just run over me because the boss told them to relay a message. I also think that while I'm coming into a 20-something thousand square foot hot mess at my place of employment, because it wasn't kept in the proper condition during the day, I should not be expected to make it look presentable all by myself. Especially when there are 2 others perfectly capable of doing equal amounts of work there as well. But no, per the boss, I was supposed to clean the mess while they work on projects. Ahem. Excuse me bum-ba-clot!? I.. DON'T.. THINK.. SO! Entirely not fair by no means. Especially not when I've worked the closing shift 2 nights already cleaning up messes from 4:30PM on; and you want me to come in and do it a third night by myself. Hmph! Pardon me while I scoff. *scoffs* Y'alls must be trippin', mhm.

So, yes, I've moaned and groaned about my employment situation enough for now. Hope all you readers (or lack of) can relate in some way, form or fashion. We all have those crap jobs, yes we do. We just have to keep our chins held high and hope we come out on top.

Until next time...

<3 - PRiLA

PS: I've just found this video of one of my favorite country music singers. It's Craig Morgan's new song titled This Ain't Nothin'. I am posting the video here for your enjoyment or... whatever.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I know it's been quite a while since I updated my blog. I honestly don't know what to talk about on here therefore, I never update. I believe my last blog was about going out to NC to see Tonya and baby Nicholas.

That trip... was so much fun. (Despite the fact that Nicholas was teething while I was there.) We had lots of pictures made while I was there. I can't wait for her to get those so that I can put some up on here, Facebook and MySpace. (Yes, I'm addicted to those sites as well.)

Nicholas is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. And, no, it's not because he's my best friend's son either. He is just a pretty baby. Has so much personality for such a little guy.

While we were there, we tried to go to the NC zoo. After being there about 15 minutes, we got rained out. No refunds or rainchecks at that place either. There was no call for rain in the forecast that day. It was such a bummer. However, we ended up taking a trip to David's Bridal to look for Tonya's wedding dress. It was fun. We got to play dress up basically. LOL We found her dress. She looked absolutely amazing in it. Down-right fierce, actually! She was so beautiful. I can't wait to see it in the wedding.

All in all, that's a brief summary of my 4 days there. It wasn't long enough. I miss them both so much. My little Nicholas is growing up so much day-by-day. I hate not being there to see it. But, I'm always there for him even though I'm 500 miles away.

<3 - PRiLA

PS: My birthday was 2 days ago. (May 20) I turned the big 24. Yes, I did. I still don't feel any older. Maybe tomorrow...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go shorty! It's your birthday!

I turned the big 24 today. Yes, I did. I don't feel any older. I guess that doesn't hit for a few more years, huh?

Chad and I took a trip to Birmingham to go to Yogurt Mountain. For those of you that don't know what that place is (which I'm sure a lot of you don't because I didn't until Chad told me about it and apparently he heard it somewhere), it's a frozen yogurt shop way out in the middle of BFE, Cahaba Heights area, Birmingham, AL... if you ever get a chance, go, it's pretty frickin' awesome. (If you like frozen yogurt that is.) I'm sure there are more in other states. Look it up!

Before we went there, we went to the Galleria mall. It's a pretty big mall with the Wynfrey hotel attached to it. LOL I wasn't too fond of all the shops that were there. Most of them were for rich type people. (Swarovski, BeBe, Coach... etc.) but the food court was awesome. I had my favorite Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel and Chad had a gyro from Great Wraps. We walked around and just checked the place out because we had never been before. It was a good day!

<3 - PRiLA

PS: Thanks to all my friends that sent me birthday wishes!