Sunday, May 23, 2010

Champagne wishes... caviar dreams...

And, I have no idea what the title has to do with the post I'm about to make.

It's 3:24AM and I'm sitting here writing for no apparent reason other than I need an outlet and alas! my beloved, handy-dandy blog is always a good listener. Kinda like the handy-dandy notebook on Blues Clues. (Oh to be young again!)

Anyways... back to business...

I deeply, whole-heartedly, with all my being, dislike how easily people think they can just run over me because the boss told them to relay a message. I also think that while I'm coming into a 20-something thousand square foot hot mess at my place of employment, because it wasn't kept in the proper condition during the day, I should not be expected to make it look presentable all by myself. Especially when there are 2 others perfectly capable of doing equal amounts of work there as well. But no, per the boss, I was supposed to clean the mess while they work on projects. Ahem. Excuse me bum-ba-clot!? I.. DON'T.. THINK.. SO! Entirely not fair by no means. Especially not when I've worked the closing shift 2 nights already cleaning up messes from 4:30PM on; and you want me to come in and do it a third night by myself. Hmph! Pardon me while I scoff. *scoffs* Y'alls must be trippin', mhm.

So, yes, I've moaned and groaned about my employment situation enough for now. Hope all you readers (or lack of) can relate in some way, form or fashion. We all have those crap jobs, yes we do. We just have to keep our chins held high and hope we come out on top.

Until next time...

<3 - PRiLA

PS: I've just found this video of one of my favorite country music singers. It's Craig Morgan's new song titled This Ain't Nothin'. I am posting the video here for your enjoyment or... whatever.

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