Sunday, May 23, 2010


I absolutely love watching the show Hoarders on A&E tv. I've watched several different episodes with people who have entirely different stories. It really disturbed me to watch a couple of the stories. One episode that touched me the most was of a gentleman in Mobile, Alabama. Long story short, he gathered things, old lawnmowers, scrap metal... etc., like most southern people do, in order to repair and resale them. Neighbors in his community decided that his "junk" was an a distraction or an eyesore per se. In other words, they were more worried about what people would think about their community than they were this gentleman. They complained to the county and the county gave him an ultimatum, clean up or go to jail. So, the people from A&E and their specialists decided to come in and help him clean up his yard to prevent him from going to jail.

And of course, like southern people, we have an attachment to our things that we could fix, use and/or make money off. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not stereotyping ALL southern folks. I am a southern girl and proud of it. However, whether we like it or not, southern folks do have a tendency to gather, collect, hoard... whatever you want to call it.

While I don't agree with this man keeping ALL of this stuff, I don't think it was right that his neighbors complain enough to the county that those measures had to be taken. If they wanted it removed so bad, why not be neighborly and get out there and work with him to remove what was actual junk and let the man keep what he could indeed repair and sell. Especially with the way our economy is today.

Let me end this by saying that I don't think hoarding is good. I know it is a disease and I know there are different levels of hoarding. I'm not by any means condoning this man or any other hoarder's actions. I just think there are better ways of combating a situation such as this rather than getting the government involved.

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