Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unemployment Compensation

Well, I got a nice little surprise a few minutes ago. I was going to make my claim for my unemployment this week and I decided to check the status of it afterward just to make sure it said pending or whatever, idk. Well, I go in and the last 2 weeks of my claims have usually said NOT PAID because I was denied but this time, they said PAID. I about flipped a lid! I had to appeal my disqualification and I guess my letter of appeal worked. Thank goodness! I have been so worried this week trying to figure out how I was going to pay my car payment for this next month. I'm still going to be looking for a job hardcore but for now, I can rest easy knowing I have some form of income to pay my bills. Yay!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, while I'm unemployed, I have decided that I should work on some of my projects that I had started a while back and seem to have neglected over the past few months. A while back, when I was on a remodeling frenzy, I decided to redo my bathroom. Now, this was all fine and dandy until I discovered that I could not find a shower curtain to suit my wants, not needs. So, me being the crafty-minded person that I am decides I'm going to venture into the world of sewing once more and create my own shower curtain. So, I bought the material and started my work and that's when my best friend tells me she's expecting a baby. So, I had to stop that project and start on the baby quilt that I wanted to make her. The baby quilt took quite a few months to finish considering it was my first quilt ever and I did the majority of it on my own. By the time I was finished with the quilt, I received a call for a job I had interviewed for; that was back in August. Since then, work and school has taken over my life. Until now... Now, I can restart my shower curtain project and hopefully finish it over the next couple of weeks. I still have school to attend to and I have a steady job search that I must concentrate on. But, my projects will resume and I wish finish them. Slowly but surely.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The hunt is still on...

for a job, that is.

For those of you who are just tuning in and have yet to read my fantastically, wonderful, archives (*note the hint of invisible sarcasm in that), I have been unemployed for approximately 3 weeks. Since my unemployment I have been on a dramatic search for a job, any job, that can pay my bills until a better job comes along. I am on the verge of being desperate. Or, I might have already went over the edge on that one.

Let's see...

In the past few weeks, I have applied for a housekeeping job at the local Days Inn. I have applied for an office job at the local Comfort Inn. I have applied for any random job at the closest Dollar General because I was told they were hiring. I have applied for a cashier job at the local K-Mart because I saw an ad for that on and I randomly applied for a job at the local Pizza Hut just because it was something to do.

May I freely say that looking at that wild arrangement of jobs that really have nothing to do with each other, I can conclude that I am indeed desperate for a job?

I should say so.

So, if any of you readers (or lack of, I'm sure) know of anywhere in the DeKalb County Alabama area that might be hiring, please let me know. I would dearly appreciate it.

<3 - PRiLA

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Unemployment sucks

I get a letter today from unemployment stating in order to continue my claim, I must send them copies of my check stubs, W-2, etc. from a certain date to the present. It said I had 7 days from the date of the letter so of course because the post office is super slow, I now only have 4 days. I was freaking out. I started a full search of my room and car for my check stubs. Hoping all the time I had the ones I needed. When I come to the end of this search, I realize I'm missing a month worth of check stubs. Oh no! So, I have to race to the bank (mind you if was close to 2pm already) and see if they can give me a print out of my direct deposit for the dates needed. Got that. This, my friends, is when I realize our scanner at home doesn't work. So, I can't scan the check stubs to print out copies of them. Blah! So, I have to dash to my brother's house and use his scanner, come back home and print all the stuff out. By this time, it's too late to go to the post office. It will all have to wait to be sent tomorrow.

It sucked! But, it's done. So hopefully, I'll get my unemployment started.

<3 - PRiLA

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Comfort Inn

I just learned of a desk-type job at a Comfort Inn in a nearby city. I have to go to the career center down there to apply for the job, so I'm going to do that tomorrow, hopefully. I have my degree in office administration so hopefully that will help me get the job. I'm also still working on the Wal-Mart idea. I'm not sure how any of this is going to turn out. Here's to hoping...

<3 - PRiLA

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wal-Mart... again?

Job hunting expedition numero uno: I have just completed the application and questionaire that is on the employment application. I passed the assessment on the questionaire so I hit "submit". I now, have to either wait and hope for a call from them or... call them. Now, I have worked for Wal-Mart before. Granted, it was about 4 years ago but, I'm sure they haven't changed that much. You literally have to bug them for about a week or two by calling them every week. I guess it shows them that you're serious about wanting a job. Who knows. Anyways, that is my first attempt at finding another job. I will keep you up-to-date when I get more.

<3 - PRiLA