Thursday, June 10, 2010

The hunt is still on...

for a job, that is.

For those of you who are just tuning in and have yet to read my fantastically, wonderful, archives (*note the hint of invisible sarcasm in that), I have been unemployed for approximately 3 weeks. Since my unemployment I have been on a dramatic search for a job, any job, that can pay my bills until a better job comes along. I am on the verge of being desperate. Or, I might have already went over the edge on that one.

Let's see...

In the past few weeks, I have applied for a housekeeping job at the local Days Inn. I have applied for an office job at the local Comfort Inn. I have applied for any random job at the closest Dollar General because I was told they were hiring. I have applied for a cashier job at the local K-Mart because I saw an ad for that on and I randomly applied for a job at the local Pizza Hut just because it was something to do.

May I freely say that looking at that wild arrangement of jobs that really have nothing to do with each other, I can conclude that I am indeed desperate for a job?

I should say so.

So, if any of you readers (or lack of, I'm sure) know of anywhere in the DeKalb County Alabama area that might be hiring, please let me know. I would dearly appreciate it.

<3 - PRiLA

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