Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, while I'm unemployed, I have decided that I should work on some of my projects that I had started a while back and seem to have neglected over the past few months. A while back, when I was on a remodeling frenzy, I decided to redo my bathroom. Now, this was all fine and dandy until I discovered that I could not find a shower curtain to suit my wants, not needs. So, me being the crafty-minded person that I am decides I'm going to venture into the world of sewing once more and create my own shower curtain. So, I bought the material and started my work and that's when my best friend tells me she's expecting a baby. So, I had to stop that project and start on the baby quilt that I wanted to make her. The baby quilt took quite a few months to finish considering it was my first quilt ever and I did the majority of it on my own. By the time I was finished with the quilt, I received a call for a job I had interviewed for; that was back in August. Since then, work and school has taken over my life. Until now... Now, I can restart my shower curtain project and hopefully finish it over the next couple of weeks. I still have school to attend to and I have a steady job search that I must concentrate on. But, my projects will resume and I wish finish them. Slowly but surely.

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