Friday, July 30, 2010

[2] days until vacation

It is 2 days and counting til vacation. I leave Monday. Expect the usual lack of blogs while I'm on vacation. Or, who knows, I might blog more. I'm sure there will be a couple of days full of adventure worth some sort of blog-ish related action.

Today, wasn't very eventful. I went in search of black flip flops as mine broke a few days ago. Do you know how hard it is to find black flip flops? No? Well, let me tell you... it's HARD! LOL. Wal-Mart was conveniently out of stock of them. How in the world could Wal-Mart be out? I was shocked! So, I had to go down the street to K-Mart. Low and behold, I find black flip flops! Now, they had stupid plasic rhinestones on them but, alas, they are black flip flops and the rhinestones can be easily removed. So, my journey for black flip flops ended in a good note.

After that, my cousin and I dyed my hair. Our goal was Huckleberry Blue from Beyond the Zone hair color. But, I'm not sure if we did something wrong or if the color just doesn't turn out like it's supposed to but, instead of the blue I got more of a turquoise effect which is cool because it turned out a nice shade of blue/green.

My day ended with a few hours of playing Xbox with the Chad and watching Viva La Bam on MTV.Oh! and finishing up some classwork. I'm now at home, just finished the classwork and I'm probably going to pass out in my comfy bed. Or, watch some more tv. I'm not even sure. I'll post a picture of my hair tomorrow probably.

♥- PRiLA

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watermelons & Crazy Old Men

By now, my readers (if there are any) know that I'm a southern girl. In keeping with that, one wouldn't find it surprising to know that my day consisted of picking watermelons. It was god awful hot today. High 94 degrees F, Low 68 degrees F. Out in the field with the sun beating down, it sure does seem a lot hotter than 94 degrees. But, here we are moving along through the field finding these watermelons and loading them on the truck. We were almost finished with when this crazy old man came out. Apparently, he shared part of this patch with the guy who owned the land for his garden and while we checked before we drove through it, we supposedly ran over his garden and "plum rurnt" it. We accidentally ran over 2 stalks of okra and we by no means "rurned" them. We apologized and were trying to be civil but it's hard to be nice to a man who's cussing you and waving a sharp rake at you. Fortunately for him, the old man finally dropped the subject and went back into his house. There were 2 grown men out in the field plus 3 teenage boys as well as myself and 2 others. He was easily outnumbered. But, one would have to understand the mentality of 65+ year old men in the south. They think they are 10 feet tall and bullet proof no matter what their age is. It's actually quite amusing. We finally got finished for the day after this little incident. We loaded 250+ watermelons between 2 trucks. I felt as though I was going to pass out it was so hot. I've come to the conclusion that either the watermelons have gotten larger over the years of I have gotten smaller. No, no... I'm fully aware that I don't have the energy or the strength that I did when I was younger. But, I still try because I'm not one to give up. Sadly, I had to give up after about 45 minutes in the heat today. But, I did my part the best I could.

I have a ton of class work to finish this weekend before I leave for Myrtle Beach. Plus, I have a little more laundry and packing to do as well. I need to clean my car out for the trip plus do a check up on tires, oil... etc. But, it's gonna be good. :)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Design, Myrtle Beach & School

I'm pretty good with HTML but I can never get the HTML to work on these blogs as well as I can websites. So... I have to use pre-made layouts. I'm fine with that in most cases because I don't have to spend as much time on them. But, I can never find a blog that is exactly what I want. I kind of just have to settle for something that I halfway like.

I leave for Myrtle Beach, SC in 5 days. I'm driving, not flying. I wish I were flying. It's so much easier than driving but, it's a little more expensive and since Chad is going too, we would have to buy 2 plane tickets. It's just better to drive the 8 hours and 43 minutes give or take an hour depending on how long and how many times we have to stop for gas, bathroom break... etc. I'm sure it will be a fun trip though.

I'm almost finished with my school work for this semester. I've been stressing over my biology class because I don't do so well. Pretty much anything that has to do with math and/or science, I don't do well at all. This semester I took geography and biology and I've struggled with biology so bad. I think I am going to pull through with a C. It's not great but it's passing and while I'm not 100% satisfied with it, I'm thankful that I will pass. Here's to hoping!

<3 - PRiLA

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

School work, vacation...

I haven't really been keeping up with this blog here lately. That really sucks, I know. I'm not a writer. I'm not good at expressing myself in words although I do try from time to time. Right now, it's 4:06 AM and I'm taking a short break from doing class work. I'm trying to finish what class work I have left before I leave for vacation. Where am I going on vacation? Myrtle Beach! I've always wanted to and my BFF Tonya just lives about 3 hours from there. She just had a baby boy, Nicholas back in December so I'm going to see them as well as to get away from the everyday crap of regular life. LOL I leave on August 2 and I come back on August 5. It's not a long vacation but it will do me some good to get away from here. So, I'm hurrying with school work and getting prepared for vacation. My next couple of weeks is full. Plus, the Friday before vacation, I will be experimenting with my hair by dying parts of it blue. Don't ask me why. I just feel like it at this point. It never stays for long so I'm sure it will go away after a while. Anyways, it's back to class work I go.

Until next time...

<3 - PRiLA