Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Design, Myrtle Beach & School

I'm pretty good with HTML but I can never get the HTML to work on these blogs as well as I can websites. So... I have to use pre-made layouts. I'm fine with that in most cases because I don't have to spend as much time on them. But, I can never find a blog that is exactly what I want. I kind of just have to settle for something that I halfway like.

I leave for Myrtle Beach, SC in 5 days. I'm driving, not flying. I wish I were flying. It's so much easier than driving but, it's a little more expensive and since Chad is going too, we would have to buy 2 plane tickets. It's just better to drive the 8 hours and 43 minutes give or take an hour depending on how long and how many times we have to stop for gas, bathroom break... etc. I'm sure it will be a fun trip though.

I'm almost finished with my school work for this semester. I've been stressing over my biology class because I don't do so well. Pretty much anything that has to do with math and/or science, I don't do well at all. This semester I took geography and biology and I've struggled with biology so bad. I think I am going to pull through with a C. It's not great but it's passing and while I'm not 100% satisfied with it, I'm thankful that I will pass. Here's to hoping!

<3 - PRiLA

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