Friday, September 24, 2010

Still job searching.

So, my search for a job has continued. And, I'm afraid it will continue for a while. You see, I live in a BFE town in Northeast Alabama. Put it this way, if you blink you miss it. Our closest city has a few places for employment... McD's, BK, Taco Hell.. etc. The other city used to be the "Sock Capital of the World" but over the past couple of years, the sock mills have shut down. Their work was sent overseas or across the border. So, the best employment you can get now is either Wal-Mart or Lowe's. It's quite a sad situation. I'm having to look 50+ miles away from home for a decent paying job. And then, I have to make sure that it pays enough for me to make the trip each day until I either move closer or find something else. I'm looking for something that I can work at and pay my car payments for the next 2 years. After that, I won't have to stress as much because my car will be PAID-IN-FULL. (aka NO MORE PAYMENTS) So, while I can still draw my unemployment, I steadily look for a job. It's a journey around here. So until then...

♥ - PRiLA

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