Monday, September 20, 2010

Trip to KY, Bath & Body Works update...

Ok, so I headed out to KY Thursday night. We had an eventful weekend to say the least. We made that trip to Bath & Body Works and I did indeed get the pumpkin scent that I wanted. Well, I got home and showed my mom and she wanted it! She even gave me the money for it. So now, I don't have my pumpkin scent anymore. That's okay though. I can get more. In fact, at the bottom of the Bath & Body Works receipt, there's a number you can call and receive $10 off a $30 purchase so me being the penny pincher that I am, called the number. You take a short survey (it really is worth the time) and they give you a validation code to write in the spot on the receipt. Then, you take it into your Bath & Body Works store and they take care of it from there. Plus, they also gave me a coupon for 20% my next purchase. You can't use the two together but it's nice to have both of them. These things make wonderful presents for Christmas, birthday, etc. So, I'll probably be buying up more since I do indeed have these discounts.

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