Saturday, October 23, 2010

New eating habits

Today marks week #2 of my plan to cut out as many Mello Yellos from my diet. I decided to do that not only to help me lose weight but also to help me feel better. I've had 3 16 oz. Mello Yellos. I've also had a couple of Dr. Peppers. In a 2 week period, that's good for me. I usually drink at least 2 16 oz. Mello Yellos a day. I haven't noticed any drop in weight but aside from the minor headaches from the lack of caffeine, I've felt pretty good. I've been drinking pink lemonade, water and my favorite cranberry apple juice. I've also started taking an all-in-one daily vitamin. I'm hoping that I start to feel even better soon. My eating habits aren't changing much. That's always been a toughy for me. But, I'm working on it. In the past couple of years, I've started eating a few more things than I normally would.

And that, is a big deal for me!

♥ - PRiLA

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