Monday, October 3, 2011

Logo pumpkin for work

So, my manager wanted to carve a pumpkin with our company logo on it. Somehow, I got roped into this. But, it sounded fun at the time. And, it actually was fun. I got the darling hunny to help me, of course. He's more artistically inclined than I am.

And, here is our end result.

Of course, it wouldn't be polite to show you that picture without showing you what it looks like when it's lit up. So, here ya go:

I had fun doing this; the hunny, not so much. I think he found it tedious and frustrating. But, he's a party pooper sometimes. But, he did say he wanted to carve one for himself. I can't wait to do more Halloween-y, fall-ish type things.


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