Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Samhain!

I posted a video on my YouTube channel (StarGr1l13) about my altar. It's not full of trinkets and what-not like I've seen on some but, it's getting there. But, feel free to go watch anyways.

We had a death in our family early this morning. My cousin DeWayne died at the early age of 49(I think). He wasn't very old. It's a sad time in our family because he was such a great person. He lived his life for Jesus Christ and lived it whole-heartedly. I respect him for that and hope that I can live my life for the God and Goddess with as much passion as he had for Christ.

I wasn't able to do my ritual for Samhain. Boo!!! By the time I got home from work, I was so tired and Samhain was almost over anyways. We had so many trick-r-treat kids come in the store, we ran out of candy. I did dress up (kinda) just for the kids. Here's a picture.

I hope everyone had a good Samhain (or Halloween if that's what you prefer). Blessed Be!

)O( - PRiLA

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