Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yes, you can get the shingles, too.

I went to the doctor Sunday because a few days before that, I had started itching and broke out in a rash under my arm and on my back. I thought I might have been bit by an insect of some sort but, the doctoer there said that I have shingles. I thought that only older people could get them. I was aware that shingles are caused by the chicken pox virus but, not knowing that anybody could get them shows how uneducated I was on the subject of shingles. So, I got medicine for it Sunday. I've been taking it ever since. I've had a few problems. Mainly, itching and shooting pain through the are that the rashes are on. From what I've read, I've done fairly well with them. Factors for that possibly include my age, how quickly we caught it and the care I'm doing for it. I've been taking my medicine as I was supposed to and it seems to be clearing up quickly. I know that I'm going to have issues with it for quite sometime. I had chicken pox when I was 5 or 6 years old. So, I've went 20 years without shingles. I'm hoping that I can go another 20 years or, better yet, the rest of my life, without getting them again. I will be finished taking my medicine the day after Christmas. Let's hope that all this clears up before then.

Until Next Time...

)0( - PRiLA

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


For the last year or so, I've had a journal. It's a small composition notebook that I try my best to write down thoughts/questions/daily happenings in. There's times when I skip days, even months. Here lately, I've began to journal quite a bit more than I have EVER. I've researched journal topics online to help me. I wanted to start a Goddess Workbook my Leonie Dawson but I haven't got the money to do that right now. So, in order to help myself figure things out, I decided to try to write about a different topic each day or every few days. I'll post my topic here when I can so that ya'll (whoever reads this) can journal yourself. :) I might even post my thoughts/feelings on those topics.

Until Next Time...

)O( - PRiLA

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A New Home For Hermies

Yesterday, after coming home from my trip to TN, I cleaned out the 20 gallon tank that my brother used to have his snake in and proceeded to set up a new home for my hermit crabs. It's nothing fancy as of right now. They seem to like it. I also brought home 3 new shells for them and Herman, the biggest crab, has already changed shells. I can never get a good shot of them because they truly are hermit crabs. Scooter is the only crab that will come out of his shell regularly. I'm hoping the new crabitat will perk them up and make them a little more lively.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hercules? Derpy?

Our newest addition to our household is a red ear slider turtle. My little sister has been wanting one for a while. While my dad was in the hospital after his surgery, we went to the local pet store to see if they had turtles. Sure enough, they did. So, we brought one home. Now, we are just trying to figure out if it's a boy or girl. We have decided that if it's a boy, his name is Hercules. If a girl, her name is Derpy. (Oh the mind of a 12 year old) This now makes 3 dogs, 3 hermit crabs and a turtle to our animal population. I will be posting about our hermit crabs as soon as I can. So far, we have had good luck with the turtle. We are looking to upgrade the tank and move our hermit crabs into the turtle's current tank so they will have a bigger home and we may even add a couple more crabs!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh wow... it's been a while.

Not that anybody reads this of course but, it really has been a while. I can't believe I let it slip by that quick. I'm a slacker. What can I say?

In the past few months, a lot of things have happened. Lucky went to live at his new home, I got a promotion at work, my dad had a heart attack and open heart surgery and Chad & I bought a trailer to fix up all within a month, and my aunt passed away a week ago.

One could say it hasn't been easy that last few months but it hasn't been terrible either. We've had some ups & downs but that's life. I just can't believe how time is flying by. Before we know it, it'll be Christmas & New Years and 2013 will be here and I'll be rushing to get everything ready for when Chad & I get married in September. Whew!

I'm not sure when I'll write again. Obviously, you never know with me. That's just how it goes. I hope you all (whoever reads this) are doing well and I'll be back soon.

Until Next Time...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lucky #3

Well, Wednesday night my dog Ellie started having her puppies that we've been waiting for. It was a long night and she finally didn't finish having them until around 11am the next day. She gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies but unfortunately, all but one were born feet first and their amniotic sac busted before they were completely out and I guess either they suffocated or were stillborn. We tried our best to help her deliver them but, we lost all but one; puppy #3 that we've named Lucky(simply because he's lucky to be alive).

He will be going to a good home in Tennessee with my dad's cousin. I'd love to keep him and it's about to kill me to know that once he's old enough, he'll be leaving us. I gave them one condition, if they get him, they have to keep the name I give him. They agreed and, I know he's going to great home. I know he'll be very well taken care of. Their last dog lived to be 20 years old. It still makes me sad knowing that's the only one that lived and we won't be keeping him. But, we already have 3 dogs and can't really handle another one. I'm just glad that he will in fact be getting a great place to live with lots of love and attention.

)O( - PRiLA

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello There, how you doin'?

I've got all these thoughts just floatin' through my head...

LOL That would be a Motion City Soundtrack song for anyone who doesn't know.

Ok, well anyways, it's been a minute since I last posted and I just felt like I needed to write something for anybody to read. (I'm not even sure that anybody reads my blog. If you do, leave me a comment so I know I'm not writing all of this in vain.)

This Saturday is my friend's baby shower. She will be home all the way from Germany so that her friends here in the states can attend the shower. I had no idea what I wanted to get her. So, I decided to sew together a car seat canopy that I found on the Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls blog. Now, I'm used to making baby quilts and such. I've never attempted anything else but, I'm up for a challenge. So, today, I treked off to Wal-Mart to purchase the supplies I needed. I got a cute fabric for the top and a very soft baby flannel for the back. The canopy that she created on the blog is a reversible canopy but I decided to just make mine one sided. I needed to keep it simple for now. Even though, reversible is just adding straps to the other side. But, anywho... right now, I'm waiting on a friend of mine to call me back so I can take it over and test it out on her baby's car seat so I can know the approximate place to put the straps that hold it onto the handle of the car seat. I think this is a cute idea and I sure hope it turns out right. I will try my best to post pictures when I'm finished with it.

)O( - PRiLA

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update & Homemade Altar Cloth

So, what have I been up to since the last time I posted? Basically, I have been up to algebra work for my class at school. And, I have been working and saving money for a vacation in August. I have been looking for a place to live as well as saving money for my wedding in September of nexy year. Sadly, I haven't been doing a whole lot of work in my path. Oh, I did plant a few herbs(lavender, sage, rosemary). So far, they aren't doing very well. I really think the green thumb gene skipped over me. I have been working on an altar cloth. It's going to be my standard, everyday, full/new moon type altar cloth. I plan to work on a cloth for each of the Sabbats. I'm not sure how all of that will turn out. I guess we'll see, right? I take my final in my class this week and that will be it for this semester. I have also been pretty busy trying to get together all of the paperwork for the radiology program at another college nearby. They only accept so many students every fall so I have to get the paperwork in by the deadline of June 1 in order even be considered for placement in the program.

Oh, I'm not really digging this new setup here on blogspot. I guess I'm just not used to it because I don't post blogs very often. I really need to try to post more, right?

)O( - PRiLA

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I hope y'all aren't superstitious about it or anything. Some say it's bad luck, some say it's good luck. For me, it's always been a pretty lucky day. I started dating my fiance on Friday the 13th 9 years ago. :) Yay!
I'm actually off work today. I'm excited. I'm hoping I can get a lot of things done that I need to get done. I have so much to do. I have been wanting to do some spring cleaning in my room for the past week or so now nad I haven't had time to do it. Maybe, I can get to my closet. I plan to start in there anyways and work my way out.
My YouTube channel is going pretty well although I don't have a lot of subscribers yet. The way I see it, I don't need many as long as I'm happy with my channel. I know people post on YouTube for others to watch but, at the same time, we all post on there because we want to and most of us really don't care what other people think or like. (If that makes sense. It does to me.) But, anyways, I have a few ideas for videos for my channel and I'm going to be working on those soon. I can't wait for that.
I've also started a small little herb project. I planted sage and lavender. I have a small sprout of something from the first bath I planted. I forgot to label them in their containers so I have no idea if it's sage or lavender. I guess we'll find out when it gets bigger.
But, yeah, I think that's all I really have to blog about right now.

Until next time...

)O( - PRiLA

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shadow Work

I've recently been reading more on shadow work. From what I can understand so far, Shadow work is where you delve into your inner self and bring forth your faults and come to an understanding about why you are the way you are and what makes you act certain ways and what-not. I've about decided that subject will be my next adventure. I will definitely keep whoever reads this blog up to date on this. I just wanted to make a quick blog to document and let whoever reads this know what I've been up to.

)O( - PRiLA

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Expedite

I was watching a video from one of the people I subscribe to on YouTube and, she was talking about St. Expedite.

St. Expedite or Saint Expeditus, is known primarily as a Catholic saint but, many religions view him as a patron who aids them when they need quick solutions or rapid results. He can also help in procrastination or to break bad habits. There isn't a lot of history about St. Expedite that I know. From what I've read, you can call upon him to help you if you need help in financial situations, finding a car, finding a home, anything that you need help with really quickly. I don't feel like I should list all the things St. Expedite can help with as you can do like I did and Bing or Google his name and find out for yourself.

I just thought I'd mention it because I found her video very interesting. She even shared her altar for St. Expedite and the offerings of thanks after she performed her spell/ritual.

It got me to thinking that maybe when it's finally time for the DF and I to start diligently looking for our house, I can call upon St. Expedite to help and if he feels that I need it, I will get his help.

Just thought it was a neat video.

)O( - PRiLA

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Possibly selling crystals & stones

Here lartely, I've been thinking more and more about the idea of selling my own stones and crystals. Of course, it will take me a while to build up an inventory because I don't have the extra cash lying around to just buy in bulk right at the moment. I have a few pieces right now I could list for sale but they wouldn't make me much money. So, I have to build up my items first and then start a store. So, I will be checking into that more here soon. I think it would be a great way to make some extra cash if I can just figure out the logistics and business aspect so I can provide quality stones to those online without going broke in the process. :)

Stay tuned for that.

)0( - PRiLA

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This New Year

Ok, I haven't really made a post about 2012; my hopes, goals, etc. For the past couple of weeks, I haven't really had time to blog. I have been spending a lot of time focusing on passing my math class. In case you didn't know, math isn't my best subject.

I've been working on and studying my path a little along with that. I try my best to fit in a daily dose but, like everybody else, sometimes life gets in the way. I haven't quite learned how to incorporate my boring everyday life with my... I don't want to say spiritual life because it's not quite there yet so, we'll just say... religious path; even though I'm not sure that's what I'd call it either.

I have been slacking on my making my YouTube videos. Sometimes for lack of anything I feel is interesting, sometimes for the simple fact that I just don't have time. I'm behind on keeping up with the wonderful YouTubers I watch but I'm still watching. I have a long list of videos on there to watch.

Anyways, I don't know if I have any readers. I don't really pay that much attention. LOL But, it's almost time for me to go to work.

)O( - PRiLA

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Layout, updates.. etc.

As you can see, I put up a new layout.

Here lately, I've been trying to get myself more into my spiritual/religious path. I've been reading more books and watching some more videos on YouTube.

I started on this journey/path in August of 2011 so, just short of 6 months. I'm a newbie, I guess you'd say. I have, I think, come to the conclusion that, I'm not Wiccan. Because...from the books I've read, people I've watched on YouTube, websites, etc. Wicca focuses more on the God and Goddess. I haven't ever really believed in any sort of diety hence the reason I am not Christian. I have decided that my focus is more on the Sun and Moon and their aspect in our lives. Kinda how they make the world go around. I've always been more of a night person so my focus is mainly on the Moon. And, that, is pretty much where I've come to. I'm still figuring things out.

I've been reading more on learning to read Tarot cards. My hope is to be efficient enough to read them and start an Etsy shop to make a little extra money. :)

I'm doing fine in school. I think this second go around in math has really helped.

I'm having some personal issues with friendships that I'm trying to work out. I think I've decided to leave it in the hands of the other person because it truly is their problem, not mine. If they can't accept me for who I am, that is their problem, right?

I love my job. I really enjoy the people I work with although sometimes I really don't want to get up and go to work. But, we all have those days, right?

I just hope everyone out there is having a good year so far. 2012 has been working in my favor this year and I'm one step closer to a greater happiness. I will keep you all updated the best I can.

)0( - PRiLA

Friday, January 6, 2012

Out with the old. In with the new.

So, this is my 2nd post of the new year. I've decided that this year will be a better year than last year. I've decided that I'm leaving 2011 in the past. 2012 is brand new. It's time for positive things to happen for me and I can't wait.

I start school again on Monday. I'm only taking a math class... AGAIN. But, I've decided to go to a different school and try to get accepted into their radiology tech program. It's a school 30 miles closer to home so I can actually not stress as bad over money issues. I'm hoping I can go to school during the day before I have to go to work in the evening. It's not ideal. It's not something I want to do. But, it's something that will have to be done. If this does happen, I will have less time for blog posts(not that I post a lot anyways)and less time for my YouTube channel(not that it's very popular right now anyways). But, that will have to be ok. I can't overfill my plate or else I'll fail miserably in all aspects. Right? Right!

I just wanted to share that with ya'll. I hope 2012 will be a great year for everyone.

)O( - PRiLA

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap

We welcomed in a New Year, of course. Discovered sells caskets, WHAT!

Went on my first trip to Biloxi, MS. First time in a casino. Woot!

I hurt my back exercising, pinched a nerve. Horrible pain. Ouch! Spent 2 weeks laying in bed practically.

Got a job. Yay!

Turned 25. I feel old.

I can't remember what happened in June.

Got another job and it just happened to be at the same company I worked for when I was in high school. I quit the job I got in March/April.

Chad & I went on vacation to Biloxi, MS

I began reading more into Wicca. Sept 13th, Chad & I were together 9 years. Wow!

Chad & I carved our first pumpkin together. My cousin DeWayne passed away. Took a trip to NC to visit my friend Tonya and see her new son Benjamin. That ended in disaster.

Nothing really happened that I remember.

Dec. 23rd marked 1 year of being engaged.

Ok, 2011 is over. Let's move on. Maybe 2012 will be a little more interesting and far more productive.

♥ - PRiLA