Friday, July 27, 2012

Lucky #3

Well, Wednesday night my dog Ellie started having her puppies that we've been waiting for. It was a long night and she finally didn't finish having them until around 11am the next day. She gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies but unfortunately, all but one were born feet first and their amniotic sac busted before they were completely out and I guess either they suffocated or were stillborn. We tried our best to help her deliver them but, we lost all but one; puppy #3 that we've named Lucky(simply because he's lucky to be alive).

He will be going to a good home in Tennessee with my dad's cousin. I'd love to keep him and it's about to kill me to know that once he's old enough, he'll be leaving us. I gave them one condition, if they get him, they have to keep the name I give him. They agreed and, I know he's going to great home. I know he'll be very well taken care of. Their last dog lived to be 20 years old. It still makes me sad knowing that's the only one that lived and we won't be keeping him. But, we already have 3 dogs and can't really handle another one. I'm just glad that he will in fact be getting a great place to live with lots of love and attention.

)O( - PRiLA

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