Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap

Well, it's that time of year again.

Here we go...

We welcomed in a New Year, of course. I finally decided to take a step in a different direction with schooling. Yes, radiology.

I put a friendship situation in the hands of the other person. So, I put the ball in their court. We're still passing it back and forth I believe.

I learned a little more about St. Expedite and worked a spell using his guidance.

I started Shadow Work to try to get rid of negativities and such. I attempted to start growing a few of my own herbs. EPIC FAIL!

Turned 26.

Oops. I didn't blog anything in June. Hmm...

Leslie came home from Germany for her baby shower. I made her a car seat canopy as a gift. Ellie, my dog, had her puppies. Only one lived. :( Negotiations on a trailer were started.

Chad & I went on vacation to The Smokies. We didn't have such a fun time.

One the 13th, Chad and I were together 10 years. My dad had another heart attack.

Oct 3rd, my dad had his 2nd open heart surgery. Oct 27th, my aunt passed away.

Alanea got a pet turtle, I got 2 pet hermit crabs. LOL

Blah. I got shingles. Fun stuff!

Ok, 2012 is over. Let's move on. So, we now have 2013 to deal with. I know it's going to be better than 2012. No negative Nellies here! LOL

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