Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I've decided to start couponing. Now, I'm not going to try to do the TLC-Extreme-Couponing-TV-show-kinda-thing. Besides, not all of that is real anyways. They don't tell you the amount of money they spent gathering those coupons. Some get them from coupon clipping services. Now, I work at a gas station, we have 3 different Sunday papers in my area. Well, it just so happens that I can preview those papers before I buy them AND I can get 1 of each of the inserts because our delivery people love me so much. They leave us a copy of the paper to read and I get the coupon inserts. So, with that said, I will go through and use the coupons that are great deals. By great deals, I mean at least 50% off.

I will be going on my first couponing haul today. And, when I get back I will blog the results of my haul. I will be doing 2 different transactions. In one transaction, I plan to save at least 75%. In the other, I plan to save... what? You guessed it, 50% or more depending on tax.

Stay tuned....